Phrase explanation

Religion underpins most society views and is more often or not the root of most political decisions. In this day and age, although society is progressing towards are more liberated and religious free future, references and ideologies are still held onto strongly.

Keeping with my fascination for human form and figure and also an having an interest in fashion and garment design, I have decided to use this second assessment as a exploration of femininity within a religious context and provide a commentary on women and womens treatment within the bible.

The photographs will be portrait style and feature a strong red back light.
My model will pose in various headdresses/crowns/garments.
I want to focus purely on the colour red as it evokes a sense of love, lust and anger. It’s a powerful colour and I wish to portray strong women.


Slime BAFF

Unsatisfied with the texture that jelly bath produced, I later found out the same company makes a product called ‘Slime Baff’ so I was pretty excited to grab some and see the consistency and If it would give me what I wanted.
The results were pretty positive, the slime bath gave me a more liquid and gooey texture that stretched, however it ran a bit too fast and I needed to work out how to slow it down and thicken it up. It was then I realised if i combined the slime bath with a bit of th jelly bath crystals I could create a more dense slime (see last two images).

Although this slime wasn’t as dark as I would have liked and appears pretty transparent, I feel good knowing the slime is non-toxic on skin and can be washed down the drain without hurting the environment. Because of this I don’t think I will bother attempting to colour it with black acrylic paint or dye. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make ethically!

Jelly BAFF

I stumbled across this product called Jelly Baff in Target. It is a kids product that you put in the bath and it thickens up the water to make it jelly like! I thought It could be a really good solution for my slimey dilemma (that being I didn’t know what to use that would A. Clean up easily and B. be safe for my models skin).
I got home and excitedly made some smaller quantities of the Jelly Baff, at first it seemed promising however then thicken way too much. Unfortunately It turned the water into an almost snow like texture, it was fluffy and not liquid at all. So unfortunately, Jelly Baff is a big no.


W2 Location Scouting

Since I’m keen to use a messy and unpredictable medium to photograph, It was important to find a location that was able to deal with a mess (ideally that we wouldn’t have to clean up) and still maintain a certain grungy edge.
My photographer friend Rachael had previously shot up the top of a public car park in Prahran and suggested I use that as a location. So we went up on sunday to check out the lighting (see previous post) and get an overall feel for the space.
I’m such a fan of grungy textures so I reckon this place will be great. It has a variety of textures so we’d be able to shoot against different backdrops If we wanted too.

W2 Location Light

So at the location I’m thinking of shooting we have at the ability to photograph in sun or in shadow which is great. I went up with my photographer friend Rachael and discussed seperate settings and discussed what I wanted.

Although It’s still early days we’ve established that whatever I want to do, I’m looking at shooting after 3pm to have enough light and enough shadow to do both.

We visited the site at 2pm.

W2 Aperture Research

So I wanted to play around a bit with photos of my cat and aperture. The ISO is on auto so jumps around a bit. I predominantly wanted to achieve a shallow depth of field so have stayed around ƒ/1-3. I took most photos on ƒ/2.5