Slime BAFF

Unsatisfied with the texture that jelly bath produced, I later found out the same company makes a product called ‘Slime Baff’ so I was pretty excited to grab some and see the consistency and If it would give me what I wanted.
The results were pretty positive, the slime bath gave me a more liquid and gooey texture that stretched, however it ran a bit too fast and I needed to work out how to slow it down and thicken it up. It was then I realised if i combined the slime bath with a bit of th jelly bath crystals I could create a more dense slime (see last two images).

Although this slime wasn’t as dark as I would have liked and appears pretty transparent, I feel good knowing the slime is non-toxic on skin and can be washed down the drain without hurting the environment. Because of this I don’t think I will bother attempting to colour it with black acrylic paint or dye. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make ethically!


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