Artist Research

So I’ve been thinking about possible themes/looks/ideas for Assessment one. It’s been a crazy day full of research and my brain is dead.
I’m pretty certain I want to explore human form, texture and shape in this photo series.
Although I haven’t picked a word right now, it’s important for me to grasp onto some kind of visual aesthetic I’d like to work with.

Artists I adore right now:

Bill Henson (*gasp I know)
Henson’s use of chiaroscuro lighting really sets the mood for each of these deep photographs. They are absolutely hauntingly beautiful and capture the essence of youth perfectly. I adore the ‘bruised’ look of the models skin in the last photograph, it give s really dirty and grungy aesthetic to the photograph however juxtaposed to the lights in the background make for a magical representation of youth, an uncomfortably beautiful time in our lives.
Although controversial, Henson’s work has always appealed to me. I always endeavour to make my work feel youthful and emotive. His work reflects similar aesthetics.

Beyoncé has always come out with amazing music videos and last year her Lemonade video was a testimony to that. However her 2011 self titled visual album was nothing short of a visual masterpiece. Personally the two videos that stood out among the crowd were Mine and Ghost. Both videos were shot by Melbourne cinematographer Stefan Duscio (totally didn’t know that he did both of them before today) and directed by Pierre Debusschere. Representing themes of isolation and love, what draws me to both of these videos are the textures and scenes of shape and form used. Paired with emotive lyrics and hauntingly beautiful music they make for individual works of art.
Top two images (Ghost)
Bottom two images (Mine)

Bart Hess
Hess’ work first came to my attention in 2011 while I was following Lady Gaga. Collaborating with Gaga and photographer Nick Knight, Hess’s distinct goopy art form was used in one of her promotional shoots. Hess’s photography is both alien and organic in a sense. It evokes thoughts of rebirth and of drowning or being consumed by this stretchy substance. I love how it amplifies the human form when poured directly over and how it can stretch to bring out a different shape to what is under the muck. There is a distinct feeling or both horror and mystery.
Hess’s models in action: Ephémère